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inter●ference to take the government of their own co●untry out of the hand

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s of stranger po▓wers. Be all this as it m●ay, it was decid

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ed by Europe●, nominally, to coerce the Egyptian●s; euphuistic

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ally, to help the Khe▓dive against an armed and threate

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ning insur▓rection.The bombardment of Alexandria● was de

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was left of the ●town fro

  • m pillage.These wer●e soon reinforced by battalions of ▓infantry from Malta. Prepar●ations were at once made for the ●despatch of considerable reinforcements from● home, and an Indian contingent, among w▓hich were the Seaforth Highlan▓ders and the 1st Manchester R

  • egiment, was prepar●ed for despatch from India to the seat of▓ war.Arabi made no effort to oppose the● military occupation of Alexandria, ●but contented himself with stro

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  • place on the neu▓tral ground between the city and● the enemy’s lines. The mai●n expedition, under the command of Lieuten●ant-General Sir Garnet Wols

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